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Artisanal Gelato

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Vincent Turco – an artisanal gelato master, or gelatiere – is passionate about delivering a unique frozen treat experience, based on authentic and traditional Italian recipes. With Gelato & Chill, he creates small batch, handmade gelato using organic, additive-free local ingredients whenever possible. New indulgent flavors are created regularly along with gluten-free and vegan-friendly options.

At #timeoutmarketboston , must-trys will include Ricotta Fig, Creamy Dark Chocolate made with 80% Valrhona chocolate, and delicious Pistachio. For those seeking dairy-free treats, a range of sorbets will also be available, tasting as fresh and delicious as their gelato counterparts.

@gelatochill Small batch handmade gelato created from award-winning Italian recipes. No additives or high fructose corn syrup, only natural ingredients. Many vegan-friendly, dairy-free flavor options.

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